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Hi, I’m Hilton Etakoh, I help people discover and monetize their gifts/expertise, and I am the author of You Are Too Gifted to be Poor. As a peak performance coach, I work with individuals of all ages and background, and corporate organizations of all sizes that desire to perform at a high level, harness
their innate abilities, and develop their creative potentials.

At we are committed to growing a community that is passionate about the role of creativity, gifting, and passion in shaping our societies.

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Hilton Etakoh is one of Nigeria’s most outstanding and dynamic…



Welcome to my inner circle! I love nothing more than…


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We help our clients develop and craft a wide range…


You Are Too Gifted To Be Poor

In You Are Too Gifted to be Poor, Hilton Etakoh narrows it all down to this single truth: that you can become truly successful by harnessing the one thing that you already have – your God-given gift.

This book was written with the following categories of people in mind:

  • Those who are in doubt as to what their gift really is.
  • Those who don’t have a job and aren’t working; who have all the time to sit around and gossip, and to watch all their favorite TV programs and movies anytime they like.
  • Those who have discovered their own gifts but aren’t doing anything with it or don’t seem to know how to harness and maximize it.
  • Those who have jobs but aren’t excited to wake up in the morning and go to work. Simply put, it’s for those who don’t love their jobs.
  • Those who have only just discovered their gifts but think it’s too late for them to start doing something about it at their present age.
  • Those who are already walking in their gift and have accomplished a great deal, but are thinking how to take it to the next level.

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