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The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines myth as “an idea or story that many people believe, but which is not true.” There are several thousands of myths about different aspects of human existence that we have come to believe, and this has a way of influencing our thinking and behavior without realizing we are […]

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6 common excuses of poor people you should avoid

Most poor people are full of excuses; they make excuses to justify their inability to get ahead in life. They often blame certain factors, events and people for being responsible for their predicament. Many of them actually think they would have been more successful IF ONLY…..they had richer parents… had formal education…. lived in a […]

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What to do when you are in a toxic relationship

Relationships influence us either for good or for bad. Toxic relationships drain and sap the energy, motivation and resources out of us and wear us out, they make us feel worse rather than better about ourselves, and they discourage us from doing the things we know we could do. Toxic relationships often take a lot […]

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